Coffee Talk


I am no coffee connoisseur however, I do enjoy a nice cup of coffee every morning.  I am not a fan of the burnt strong roasted beans.  I like my coffee light and sweetened with raw sugar and a bit of cream.  I've put together a list of a few of my favorite brands. We actually brew Folgers at home--its a great bargain!  We get 3lbs from Costco for about $.800.  The 3lbs lasts us nearly a month as we brew most mornings at home and go out for the occasional treat!  

In no particular taste order...  

  1. Folgers (medium blend)
  2. Caribu
  3. Julius Meinl 
  4. LaColumbe
  5. LaVazza
  6. Starbucks (blonde) 
  7. Peet's 



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