A PGA Experience

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This year, when the PGA came to IL it was practically in our back yard.  With my husband being a huge golf fan, and I mean HUGE as in golf channel ALWAYS on, it was a no brain-er that we would spend a chunk of the week there.   The tournament was held at the beautiful Conway Farms Golf Course in Lake Forest, IL.  We live so close so we were lucky enough to ride our bikes each day pop in, see a few holes and then resume back into our work week. 

The tournament got rained out on Sunday so it officially ended Monday (today).  We popped over for a bit today and watched Zach Johnson make his first PGA win for the season.   I really thought Tiger was going to win but he did not play consistent and also received a 2 stroke penalty which probably messed up his entire game.       

I do enjoy going to these PGA tournaments, just being on the golf course really.  It's very peaceful, and everyone is always very polite.  Of course, I like the idea of having a Saturday afternoon cocktail and easy lunch while being outdoors.  Golf is something I would love to learn but I am not very good at, you will not see me golfing with Tiger Woods anytime soon! However, I do think Greg (my husband) has a great chance of going pro with just a little more practice!  

Even if your not a golfer or golf fan, going to a PGA tournament can be a fun experience and I highly recommend it.  If that isn't in your cards, before or after the golfers are out--take a nice long walk at a private or public course in your area.  You will feel a sense of peace and relaxation!  I'm still holding out for a course to offer Yoga on the greens, that would be my ultimate especially if the course overlooked an ocean or lake.

Its rumor that the tournament will return in two years to Conway Farms again.  Looking forward to seeing who wins the FEDEX cup next week and the tour coming to a close.. its still anyone's game!  



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