Moms Are Superheroes

This year I will be celebrating my first mothers day!  Being a new mom has been so joyful as it certainly is one of the best yet most difficult jobs in the world.  When 31bits reached out to me to ask me to be apart of their Mother's Day campaign I was honored!  A company that empowers moms from Uganda all while making the world more beautiful with their carefully hand crafted jewelry pieces.  31Bits version of beauty starts from the inside and works its way out, what a great company to be apart of and support!

Some of my favorite pieces by 31Bits below (linked to item).


Here are a few snaps that my husband quickly shot for the #momsaresuperheroes & #bitsmoms campaign.  

If you want to read more about 31Bits check out their about page here.  When shopping for your mom or favorite moms this Mama's Day why not support a company with a dual purpose and shop 31Bits!

Let's all admit it, moms really are superheroes! 

Happy (early) Mothers Day Mamas! 

XOXO, Katie

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