Preventative Cerclage


I was diagnosed with cervical incompetence so this time around when we got pregnant we knew we would need to do something preventative so we didn't run into 2nd trimester miscarriage.  We had already talked to our doctors about the benefits of a preventative cerclage and knew we wanted to move forward with it.  Like all surgeries I wanted to do as much research as I could to find out what the day would entail.  Length of hospital stay, length of actual surgery, prescribed medicine, epidural etc... I had so many questions.  I asked a lot of questions to my doctors but I would usually just get the text book answer, it could take anywhere up to an overnight stay and for the others they like to give vague answers.  I couldn't find anything about what to expect for the day of surgery.  I did find some horror stories, which is typical for Google!  I thought I would write a post to talk about my experience and how I'm feeling now.

I couldn't eat anything after midnight the night before and drink anything after 6am day of surgery.  I go to bed so early so the last thing I ate was dinner.  I chugged about 30 ounces of water around 5am just because I knew I would need it being pregnant and all.  When I got to the hospital I waited in a holding room where they take you post opp with my mom.  Luckily my mom came because I got the date wrong, which happened to be on her birthday!  I was told in office that it was going to be June 6th and I would get an email with time and details.  When I received the email they changed it to June 3rd but I overlooked the memo and just looked at the time and other info.  I received a courtesy call a few days before and was shocked to learn the date was Friday not the following Monday like expected.   My poor mom, she was so sweet and said birthday dinners are boring and etc get old after a while and she would rather be here!  My surgery was scheduled for 2:30 so I had my fingers crossed I would be home for dinner around 6:30.  Unfortunately the hospital had a lot of emergency surgeries so the elective surgeries got pushed back.  Four hours later they finally grabbed me and took me back for prep.   

When I was rolled back, I went to a holding room and waited before the room was ready and all docs were ready to go.  I received a spinal block where the medicine is just injected once, not like epidural where they insert a catheter and give it continuous.  There was about 10 hands on dec including the doctor.  He was able to do the stitch in about 10-15 min.  It was an incredibly quick surgery.  I like to say it's like stitches in an awkward area 😉.

I Went to recovery where they monitered me for about 15 min. Had a quick baby heart beat ultra sound (by Arabella's delivery nurse who is now a friend, so it was refreshing to see a familiar face).  It's always so reassuring to hear the heart beat, it was just a routine check after the surgery.  I was starting to get my feeling back in my toes already and was hoping I could get out quick.  Then they rolled me back over to my room where my mom was waiting.  

It was now around 7 o'clock but the last thing you have to do before any surgery is go pee!  So I had to get the movement back in my legs from the spinal which came back really quick considering.  About one and a half hours after moving my legs like crazy and waiting for the feeling back I finally was able to go to the bathroom.  Was beyond thrilled I could leave and go see Arabella and get food!  I was so hungry, I normally eat and snack all day and when I'm pregnant it's 2.0 version of that.  So I was absolutely starving by this point.  

I choose a really good doctor who had experience and was very confident about doing the procedure.  He said everything went great and no meds were prescribed (unless I wanted to take Tylenol for pain but I don't take meds when prego).  I just had to stay off my feet for the night and take the next day easy.   The surgery was pain free, just a little pick for the epidural.  I had no pain for any of the days following and I was told I could expect a little.  

My my poor mom had to spend about 8 hours in the hospital with me on her bday but she was and is the only person I want to do that with.  She's happy and positive and never complains.  She often says the wrong thing in the sweetest way and you would think it would make you more nervous but I can't help but to just laugh.  We ordered pizza & pasta on the way home and came back to eat.  Arabella and Greg hadn't feel asleep yet so it was so nice to see them and give Arabella a big hug and share a late night snack with her and Greg (a huge meal for me).   

I am only 4 weeks out and although I have major anxiety about the pregnancy I am really glad I got the preventative cerclage.  I'm able to carry on and do most normal things you can do when pregnant.  But I do have some big things crossed off my list like swimming and running.  I go in for bi-weekly cervical checks which is so reassuring.  I'm also going in for a weekly shot of progesterone, but that's because I delivered Arabella a few days early (36w4d).  Although to me these seem like big problems I know it's not that bad and it must not be if I consider doing it all over again.  

Hope this helps with anyone looking for some information.  The surgery would have been only about 4 hours from check in to check out but mine was 8 because it got pushed back 4 hours.  The cerclage gets removed around 35/36 weeks and I will try to write a follow up post when I get closer to my due date about how the entire time having the cerclage went.  

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