Winter Salad & Cheesy Leek Pita

Winter Salad & Cheesy Leek Pita


I’ve been in a REAL cooking rut and feel like my normal meal rotation is getting mundane!  Yesterday, I went to the grocery store for inspiration on what to make!  I noticed pomegranates are in season and after a weekend of birthday cake I really was craving some green spinach to get me and the family back on track so a salad seemed like the right thing to do!  With life obligations in full swing (birthday prep, Christmas prep, cleaning & organizing, closet cleaning the kids clothes that they seem to outgrow every week...etc) I really have minimal time for cooking these days.  My goal is always to provide at least 5 homemade or semi homemade meals a week because although we love to eat out or take out its not the best for you. 

This salad is so amazing, it pairs awesome with this simple leek & cheese pita bread!  I made it last night and we had left over chicken so it had to be repeated tonight.  I’m counting down the hours until dinner because it’s that good!  In the spirit of keeping things semi-homemade I’m sharing the exact brands of what I used so you don’t get stuck with a dull cheese or not so great dressing in the “encore” below.  Leeks and Pomegranates are both some of the worlds healthiest foods, so this is a power couple meal you want to try!




1 pomegranate (seeds) 

3 handfuls of baby kale

4 handfuls of baby spinach  

1/4 cup feta

1/4 cup glazed pecans 

1 avocado diced

8 medium sized cut strawberries 

1 deli ready made chicken breast diced

1/4 cup raspberry vinaigrette


1 leek sliced and rinsed, about 1/4 cup (the part you eat)

olive oil to sauté 

Italian four cheese blend 

2 pieces of Pita bread 





Prep and toss all salad ingredients together in large bowl.  Drizzle with most of the dressing and reserve a small amount to top to your personal salad bowl and desired amount.   It always tastes a little bit better with a small amount of dressing drizzled on top while the rest is mixed in! 


Toss sliced leeks in olive oil and place in non stick pan. Sauté on med heat for about 5 minuets until done and drain any excess oil. Using one slice of each of the 4 cheeses stack and dice.  Divide and areange half the leaks and cheese on each pita evenly.  Toast in toaster oven for about 5 min.  Cut into triangles and serve with salad.



A lot of the questions I receive are brand recommendations so I am sharing some photos below of EXACTLY what I used! I hate buying a bad dressing and tossing it out. This raspberry vinaigrette is in the cooler isle, it’s non gmo, no preservatives and glueten free! The cheese is a 4 pack Italian blend. The recipe only calls for a few slices but it’s so delicious you will not waste!  Great for grilled cheese, sandwiches and cheese and crackers. 


Now go buy the ingredients and MAKE! 


Katie May  

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