Arabella's Art Wall

Arabella's Art Wall


One of the biggest interior design questions I get is on our White Tile Artwall.  It hangs at the bottom of our staircase and transitions the kitchen to the great room.  Today I am going to share the how to and the details for getting yours up.  The idea came from wanting to find a tailored way to display art that Arabella was creating. I was inspired by an art display that one of the RHWofBH created with her family but I changed it up a little. My biggest difference is organically creating the art over time, instead of hurring up and painting them all at once.  It's no secret that I love white so I thought what a great idea to throw up all the canvases and go from there. They make the perfect place holders begging to be painted.  

I love the idea of making a home kid friendly.  Displaying your child's art is so good for their tiny souls and they become so proud and confident.  I actually really love kid art, it's cute, free style, colorful and unique.  Let's be real it looks like some very pricey paintings that are sold today.  Art can be very expensive but this is a great way to fill a large space on a budget.  You don't have to have it kid art you can have it adult art or teen art or grandma and grandpa art-- just make it fun and reflect your life!  One thing I highly suggest is that you hire a professional picture hanger as they can whip it up in little time and they are going to have the best tools to be very percise.  Clean lines and percision is the key to this installment to make it look high end.  Spending the $170 per hour or what they charge for install will still have this project come in at under $250.  

This artwall can evolve to fit your family's needs.  It's currently Arabella's masterpiece so when all the tiles are full and she is happy with the installment then great we leave it.  If she wants more and wants to refine it as her taste evolves great we can buy more tiles and have it ever changing.  Maybe she will decide she always wants half blank and to constantly be creating.  It's her choice and the best part is she can decide when she's ready!  But, will this become Bell & Winn's art wall?  Now that we have two kids, we will need to decide if we should do a separate one for Windsor or let her add to what we now call Arabella's art wall, the name would have to change and all the said decisions above would have to become mutual.  If Windsor gets her own I think I would make the canvas shape and overall shape different and change it up so it felt unique to her in some way.  Decisions decisions... We'll have to figure it out soon as Winn is ready for her first masterpiece!


The  Details  

We used 8x10 tiles and hung them 5 across and 6 down (I found a 6 pack on Amazon for 16$ and purchase 5 packs, buy it here


We hung the 8x10 canvases 1 inch apart.   


We added D ring hardware to the top two corners


And felt sticky tabs to the bottom corners cut into quarters  


Don't forget to name your art! 


We used "Hook it Up" for the installer (google and find who is in your area


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