Brow Routine

Brow Routine


If you were born in the late 70s/early 80s then you know what it's like to have super thin brows at some point in your high school/college life because you were staying on trend.  Maybe your fortunate enough and they have grown back?  Unfortunately I've been trying to grow my brows back in since "that one time I got them waxed."  I've had my fair share of bad brow appointments but the worst is when the brow specialist took way to much off the center and made them way to far apart. 

I've been keeping up on a brow routine that seems to be sprouting new hairs finally after about 2 months of staying on track.   My brows are far from perfect & I have a lot of days ahead of me to grow them out to my desired shape.  However, the last few months I've spent a fair amount of commitment caring and hydrating them.  I'm currently still breast feeding (ugh I feel like I'm always saying I'm still breast feeding so I can't do this I can't do that, I must sound so annoying!!) and trying to be as natural as I can with my beauty regimen.  The one person I trust that threads my brows (when I get a chance to go its probably been 6 months) gave me the best tip.  She said I need to "hydrate the root" and that is going to be the only way to get the hair growing again.  I choose not to use the fancy serums (because of breast feeding) so she let me in on a little beauty secret, CASTROL OIL (buy it here prime for $5).  I choose to wait on this blog post until I saw some positive changes.  And it IS working, I just need more time to achieve my desired shape.   But I wanted to post an update and some tips so you can start now too! 


Other things I learned along the way. 

  1. always keep your face clean and hydrated before bed and in the morning when you wake up.  I'm currently doing a summer skin regimen that has my skin feeling younger.  I used to just go to bed with my makeup on and apply lotion randomly when I had time.  When I committed to the brows I thought I would commit to my entire skincare and my skin seems less dry! 
  2. Never ever let anyone tweeze, wax,thread, microblade, etc. your brows unless you absolutely 100% trust them as well as like their brows.  
  3. Dont over fill your brows in, I've done this and it's a little embarrassing!  Keep in mind that even just a little tiny area goes a long way when it comes to brows.  Do pencil in lightly and gel to help achieve a more desired shape
  4. Don't use the templates the cookie cutter shapes they sell only work for a small percentage of the population.  
  5. Find and old photo from before tweezing and use that as your guideline to know what natural shape is best for you.
  6. Grow, grow, grow!  Let them grow for months if you can without tweezing one hair (tweezing one is a gateway drug to ruining the rest!!!).   
  7. Stick to whatever regimen your trying and don't give up (unless it's been a year of trying every day I have no solution then) Hydration from the root takes time!  


Hope these tips help!  


Katie  May  

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