It’s no secret that I love a holiday!  Easter means a fresh start to spring, lots of candy, a plentiful basket of goodies for all and good food!  Fast forward to adult hood, holidays are even better with our girls.  It’s so fun seeing Arabella’s holiday spirit and showing Windsor the ropes!  Windsor was so excited to follow the flower trial in the morning and rummage through her basket, she’s already a true chocolate connoisseur.  

Here is a fun look through our Easter through some photos, shop our outfits at the end of the post!

What a fantastic Easter we had!  Before the kids went to bed I got all the morning surprises and detials ready so in case they woke up before me (which they never do) it would be all set to go and they can keep happily believing in the Easter Bunny!  


Every year I try to do a different trail for the kids that leads them to their Easter basket.  This year I did paper flowers.  I saw them in Old Town (Scottsdale) Arizona on our trip and I knew I had to buy them and do something with them.  Originally I was going to make a pretty spring wall but after we got back I decided to make them into a trail for the bunny baskets!  I will definitely be adding to my party vault and using them for kids parties, cinco de mayo, etc.  The bunny ears and cotton candy are from Target dollar bin. 


Since the kids are still young I just had the trail lead them to the baskets and didn’t do a basket hunt.  My mom used to do a basket hunt for us which I LOVED!  I always put out the bean bag chairs and the chunky blankets so they can be cozy when going through the baskets.   


We planned on doing our egg hunt outside but it was to cold out, somewhere below freezing.  Last minute I just tossed them in the dinning room and sent the kids over!  I labeled the eggs with the kids names, so they would get the right ones.  Arabella can read her name and Windsor’s name (she doesn’t really read them but she recognizes them from memory).  Arabella helped Windsor find all her eggs and made sure they got the appropriate ones, it was so sweet to watch her help her sister! I filled them with things like candy, tattoos, tiny toys, bandaids, some things that came in large packs but I broke up for the hunt.  


Then we headed for brunch.  This is my favorite brunch of the year mainly for the massive dessert buffet! I only took one photo during brunch because I don’t like to have my phone out when we are dinning out, just to steal a quick snap! 


I took the kids out to the Easter hunt while everyone else went for seconds.  I didn’t mind because I love being on the front lines and seeing them take in all the fun.  It’s so joyful to watch!  THE EASTER BUNNY HERSELF came over to help me because I was 1 on 2 littles in stiletto heels.  She said she was worried about my shoes digging into the grass and I reassured her it was only helping for traction! Haha!  Little did she know the shoes were only $28 (linked here again, I had a lot of people ask and buy them from my story link) and it didn’t matter if they got dirty.  Anyways we got two golden eggs and a whole lot more!  We raced back in to stay warm and then had dessert.  


After dessert the bunny had quite a long opening so we took some photos, and Arabella learned the bunny hop!  I had to leave the room with Windsor after a little while because she can NOT stand characters!    She was so cute though, I love how she is always on her best behavior but she too has her buttons!     


Look at little miss Arabella in her total element!  She LOVES the Easter Bunny (and all fairy tale folk) and definitely waits patiently to get her time in.  She learned the bunny hop from her and took so many photos!  She told her about Windsor and how she doesn’t like “characters” and talked about her birthday and everything under the sun. 


Then reality set in and spring break was over, my mom had to go home and we were back to normal life!  And so it goes till the next Easter, Holiday, Christmas!  I always get the holiday hangover, same with vacations and family visits!  Even Arabella went to bed asking, how many more days till Easter?!  Until then, let the countdown begin! 



Photo Credit a mix of me and Lollipop ups

p.s.  I had the best time writing this and editing it!  I re-read it several times probably missing the mistakes but it makes me happy to know that I have such a great family (to bad they couldn't all be here).  I also like blogging these types of things for memories when I am older! 

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