Dainty Details

Dainty Details

I am so beyond excited to share this blog post with you guys!  As a lot of you know my sister has the most incredible hand made jewelry line!  She asked me to co-design a bracelet for her summer collection!  I have been asking her to make me a specific dainty bracelet and she thought it would be a great project to do together and to offer to her other customers.  As a self proclaimed creative person I DIE to do stuff like this, so its been such a rewarding experience.  This bracelet is also absolutely perfect for a Mother's Day gift to yourself, but it doesn't have to be mom focused.  


With two little kids I don’t always wear a ton of jewelry.  My go to jewelry style is a big stack of bracelets, a pair of statement earrings or a layer of necklaces.  I love all metals, materials, sizes, colors, stones etc.  I have been dying to get bracelets made with the girls birthstones.  I wanted to be able to wear them alone or with my others in one big stack.  


After my original idea came into place, I started sketching ideas and thinking about what I wanted and we could achieve.  My sister and I bounced ideas of each other on what would actually work.  With her experience knowing what metals, sizes, quality worked with what, that is how we came up with the final design.  My sister right away vetoed a few things because she knew the chain would not be able to handle the stone or the stone would be to small for the chain etc.  So we ended up coming up with the perfect little dainty balance.  


This bracelet is so versatile,  it can stand alone as a sultry piece, be paired with many of its kind OR stacked into a stack.  For those of you that want a birthstone in many colors, they can be linked together and worn as one big wrap bracelet.


I ended up getting the bracelet in four separate stone colors.  I love the addition of the tiny gem of color in several colors.  I did a birthstone for our entire family including the girls, myself and Greg.  I also REALLY love the idea of something for the girls to cherish and hand down to them.  Maybe when they get a little older they will want to have their birthstone, maybe each others or maybe mom or dads.  It's just always such a great reminder when you are wearing something special for whatever reason, just makes for a better day to be reminded of your fortunes.  


This is the final design, you can order at STACY STERLING JEWELRY and choose whatever color gem that is special to you or even if you just like the color.  The chain is gold fill and the stones (Swarovski Crystals) come in 12 colors to represent birth months.  

HOPE you guys LOVE these and find a way to cherish like I DID! 



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