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Although 8 months ago I remember every detail of Arabella's birth like it was yesterday, and I hope I do for years to come.  Blogging & baby books are great so I can reference it if my memory ever gets foggy.  I love going through our family baby books, photos and video collection (though small) and I will continue to write in my blog so when Arabella is older she can read about her early family life.

Every New Years Eve My husband and I always choose to stay in.  Its always cold, restaurants have fixed menu's,  are very crowded and there is to much pressure to go big.  This year I decided to do a five course tasting menu just to make the night a little more special than an ordinary dinner.  

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This year, when the PGA came to IL it was practically in our back yard.  With my husband being a huge golf fan, and I mean HUGE as in golf channel ALWAYS on, it was a no brain-er that we would spend a chunk of the week there.   The tournament was held at the beautiful Conway Farms Golf Course in Lake Forest, IL.  We live so so we were lucky enough to ride our bikes each day pop in, see a few holes and then resume back into our work week.