What makes YOU happy?  What makes YOU tick?  What are YOUR strengths?  How do YOU learn, How do YOU grow? What is your limit?  If you know these things it will give you the drive and in turn the energy you want and need to achieve your goals or even just get through the day!

My magic formula is me!  I’m 35 and I know what I like, I know my strengths and I know where I need work!  But I’m also learning, I know I’m not perfect and I am trying to be the best me.  You can only be the best you when you know what your strengths are and where you want/need to improve.  If you want to be good at something you need to just go for it, learn from your mistakes and don’t give up!   I am a pretty big planner but I am also super flexible.  The biggest time saver in life is being a decent planner.  I plan with everything, I like being set up for the basics and then adding in whatever I need later from everything to cooking to clothes (really) for long term.  For daily plans I pretty much have my basic plan cut out for me because the kids school and activities determine my day but I try to plan in between usually the night before.  Its usually a super loose plan, just an idea even, something to map out what we want/need to do for the day. Mine is usually in my head.

Know your sweet spots!  What time of the day is your sweet spot?  Mine is 6am-10am little break to drive to pick up Arabella at school.  And then I’m good again to go between 12-5.  I literally lose lots of steam after dinner and I’m totally spent and ready for bed.  Recognize your hours and make them work for you, you don’t have to be a morning person to be successful and get stuff done! But just utilize your energy in the clock you were given!  Don’t spend hours and hours on your instagram account. I think people are surprised when they learn my screen time report (I was) that it wasn’t longer.  I honestly don’t go on social media that much otherwise I would not be present with my kids and I would get nothing done.  I honestly don’t like surfing social media.  I like looking quickly before bed I go on and take a peek on instagram and Facebook.  I really love browsing the internet and getting fashion, house, food ideas on favorite stores or bloggers sites. I also really love Pinterest and if I don’t control myself I could spend an hour a day on there!  The other day I was on my phone various apps and browsing, I started feeling tired and not motivated, I immediately recognized the connection, put my phone down, chugged some water (it’s my go to cure all) and got a new burst of energy.  Phones are totally momentum killers, it’s not necessary to check what so and so had for breakfast or what whats her names kids are wearing, look during your designated down time!

Anyways, I can’t get into every detail I’m going to list what I think are the key details in my life that give me energy and drive.  Every week or so I will add a tip to one of what I consider key, diet, water, mind, exercise.

As a whole we eat fairly healthy as a household and you can go to my meal tab to see some recipes in my usual rotation.  We also let ourselves enjoy life’s simple pleasures like chocolate, ice cream and gummies (sometimes all three at the same time).  Heck, you will even see me going through the McDonald’s drive through occasionally.  But we don’t overdue it.  Think about the time you went to your favorite restaurant and you ate more than your fair share, don’t do it!  It weighs you down in so many ways.  If I over eat, my body gets tired and sluggish.  So I try to eat healthy small meals often so I feel energized all day!  I do allow myself to eat a fairly large (but not large by American standards) dinner but this is because I check out right after dinner for the day after a quick shower/baths, and the kids (and I) go to bed.  I don’t consume over 2000 calories a day or I’d be a couch potato!  So I like to stay lean by eating smaller meals, healthy meals, nutrient rich meals (with the occasional cheat day or maybe one piece of chocolate a day) and by doing this it allows me to achieve greater energy.

I drink at least 50-70 ounces of water a day, that puts me on track for my body weight.  I actually LOVE water, I think it’s amazing.  This probably seems crazy but when I’m drinking it often I think of the people that don’t have access to water, that’s how much I love it and it makes me appreciate it.  For me, the cure is water.  If I have a headache I don’t go for the meds, I go for the water.  For the most part water is my main form of liquid.  I drink about 8 to 16 ounces of coffee a day as well.  I also love a green juice or trying a fun new drink on the market.  Both Greg and I are more social drinkers and I probably drink wine/spirits of some sort about 1-4x a month.  If we go on vacation I do drink daily. With water as my main source of liquid, it is the first building block that keeps my body and mind healthy and helps to rejuvenate and energize.

I literally wake up every day grateful.  I think life itself is amazing, the basics of just living is mind boggling to me.  My dad is actually a motivational speaker so imagine growing up with a father who preached to us we could do anything, we could achieve all our goals.  He gave us a very positive mindset and that’s one of the greatest gifts someone can have.  Couple that with the most amazing mother who is ALWAYS positive, basically after an hour with my parents you felt like conquering the world! I love that I can think and feel and take in all my senses, I put in a little extra effort to feed those senses and make everything heightened (IE: meals, decor, etc almost like when your on vacation).  I try to live like every day is a vacation even when I’m doing work.  Being with my kids and family is also another thing I don’t take for granted and I just am beyond ecstatic to be around the kids.  I’m also VERY grateful to be a SAHM and that my husbands job (which is often stressful for him) allows me to be with the family and practice all the things I love to do like cooking, crafting, sewing, decorating, playing, etc.  There are also things that I don’t love doing but that are necessary to get done, unloading the dishwasher, brushing the kids teeth (I don’t like doing it! I don’t know why?!? Haha), changing a poo diaper on Windsor, getting the kids in and out of the car seat but I just do them and I don’t complain or even think twice.  I also think about how my mom never complained growing up and all the things she had to do.  It’s all about a positive mindset and setting goals for yourself.  Where do I/you want to be, how are you/I going to get there?  YOU ARE JUST AS GOOD AS THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY, YOU JUST KEEP TRYING.  That’s my motto when I’m striving to do something I’m passionate about, that I can do it too!  I also love to rest my mind and go to bed at a reasonable hour.  I’m a morning person, I get about 7-8 hours (never more or I’m sluggish) of sleep a night.  My first sip of coffee in the morning is my favorite part of the next day, although its not the first liquid I have. I drink the rest of the water on my nightstand first thing which is usually about 10 ounces. So to recap the mind, having that positive mindset gives you the energy to feel you can do it/whatever it is you might have to do that day or whatever project you might be working on!

In the summer I run almost daily with both kids in the double jogger.  In the winter pre-kids I went to the gym 3x a week.  Now with the kids in the winter I try to do indoor workouts at home and I have most recently started trying out a cycle and pilates class at a studio when the kids are BOTH in school.  I also try to do things that we can do as a family for example, sledding, ice skating, yoga, dancing.  When I have a little free time I might do my spin bike or yoga on my own.  I must say the summer is much easier for me and I too am trying to find my balance for working out in the winter.  The reason why exercise helps complete the picture is a few reasons. It gives you an outlet to think and decompress while working out, clearing the mind. It gives you endorphins and best of all it keeps your body fine tuned and healthy. This is that last piece of the puzzle for having unlimited energy.

Unfortunately I can not sell my energy but I did try to explain my lifestyle and where I think it stems from! If I have to try to explain where my energy comes from it starts first with my mind, drinking lots of water, eating healthy and then getting that exercise.  I truly hope this helps as this is something I wasn’t prepared to explain or set out to do!  I just want to motivate you all and hope you can get to where you see yourself!  I want to say that this is the formula that works for my body. I think if you can touch on those four keys and determine what works for you within each key you too can find that extra blast of energy you need to get you through your busy day. I plan to add one tip a week or so to help build on the entire picture!  

Katie May